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Your first stop is Kathmandu

the heart of the nepali culture

Kathmandu will probably be your starting point.  Most commercial flights (especially international flights) fly straight to and from Kathmandu,  so you'll probably have an easy way to get there since you already start or end your trip in the city. There are many places to visit and things to do in Kathmandu.

5 km
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We strongly suggest you spend at least a total of 3 to 4 days in Kathmandu to experience the most of the city. Among the many things you can do, we suggest you visit  Swayambutinath, Patan Durbar Square, Thammel, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bouddannah and Bhaktapur.

Bear in mind that Nepal is a mountainous developing country with a relatively poor network of Streets. Traffic jams are normal and travelling around the country is a slow process. Bear this in mind. For example, Pokhara is only 120 kms away from Kathmandu, but the route there takes roughly 8 hours by Jeep.

The magic of the annapurnas

Annapurna, goddess of harvest.

The Annapurna region is sited close to the city of Pokhara. Pokhara is about 8 hours away from Kathmandu, and it will take you another 3 hours by jeep, taxi or bus to get from Pokhara to the Annapurna Conservation Area, where most treks start.

Pokhara is the main city of this region.

Any trek to the Annapurna conservation area will most likely stop by this city at the beginning (to solve trekking permits) or at the end of the trek to take some rest.

You can find really good food and many many adventure sports such as Rafting or Paragliding in Kathmandu. There are also some interesting site seeing spots, such as the World Peace Pagoda.

A trip around the Annapurnas.

The Annapurna circuit is  a large trekking circuit that borders the Annapurna Sanctuary. It has many stops along the way but the most interesting part is the one that Goes from Lo Manang to Thorong La mountain pass (5500m) and from there down to Jomson.

The circuit takes you to Lower Mustang, which is one of the most beautiful regions of Nepal. We recommend you take at least 13 days to trek around here.

Straight to the Sanctuary.

Reaching the summit of the Annapurna Base Camp is a 7 day journey up and down. The path is relatively easy to make since there are many stops along the way and there is only one way... up or down, so getting lost is highly unlikable. 

This tour is very common and accommodations here are comfortable. This is a beautiful pathway for beginners.


Lower Mustang is the region of Nepal north to the Annapurna Sanctuary. For centuries, access to this region was remote and scarce, so the region has not yet been fully influenced by the western modernisation that the country is experiencing in the present.

One of the most beautiful regions of Nepal that is also within the Annapurna Circuit. You can get here hiking, plane, motorbike, bus or jeep all the way to Jomsom. Dirt biking in this vast 3000m altitude desert is one of the coolest things to do in Nepal

The forbidden Kingdom.

In order to preserve the Nepali culture living here, and due to some political disputes with Tibet and China, this part of the country was closed to any foreigners until the late 90s, when access to it was opened to foreign tourists.

Getting up here requires a special trekking permit that costs about $500, in comparison to the $50 that costs getting to the Lower mustang and the rest of the Annapurna conservation Area.

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Annapurna is one of the best places to trek around Nepal. It is relatively close to Kathmandu and you can find plenty of modern comfortable accommodations in Pokhara as well as around the trek.

The main thing to do in Pokhara is trekking. Spending one day or to around Pokhara and Fewa Lake is a perfect way to relax, and the many adventure sports that suround the city make it a perfect place to enjoy trekking views and a small rush of adrenaline. We suggest you spend at least 2 days here. One before the trek and one (or two) after you are done.

Our suggestions.

Beginners: 4 day long trek to Poon Hill.

Intermediate: Though still relatively easy, a 7 day long trek to the Annapurna Base Camp .

Trek Lovers:  At least 15 days (the longer, the better) trekking on the Annapurna circuit from Lo Manang, to Jomsom via Torong La pass.

CHITWAN, heart of the jungle

Animal site seeing, jungle and tharu culture

Chitwan is on the Southern border of Nepal with India. This region is wet, warm, flat and full of jungle, savannah and all sort of animals. 

Due to how close it is to India, the region of Chitwan is one of the economic and trade hubs of Nepal. Culture here is slightly different from up in Kathmandu. Chitwan also hosts the biggest animal natural reserve in the whole region, with lions, elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and many more living within it's borders. 

The area of Chitwan is a nice area to chill and relax, as well as to do animal site seeing and adventuring into the natural reserve that spawns for miles and miles.

travel tips

Our suggestion is you spend 3 to 4 days in Chitwan , in the Towns of Sauraha or Megauli, just close by the National Park. If you are interested in seeing animals, definately go for a 2 day long nature park. 

A note regarding Elephant rides in Chitwan National Park.

From Wild Nepal we strongly discourage to purchase any activity related to riding elephants. Though this is complex topic that has many ramifications with pros and cons, beside the fact that this is a business that provides stable and safe jobs for local people nourishing the region's economy, and that not all locals mistreat the animals, be warned - it is animal cruelty. 

trek to the top of the world

Sagarmatha national park

The Sagarmatha National Park is the mountainous region that surrounds Mount Everest.

Getting to Everest region will require an 8 hour bus journey, or a one hour flight from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport. Be aware when planning your trip.

It is better to visit this region between October and November,  and between March and June.



Trekking in the Everest region will require some skill and resistance for all members of your group, so we suggest you be prepared. We recommend you spend anything between 7 to 15 days. (depening on how much you like to trek and your skill)

There are many trails along the Mount everest region. From summiting the Everest Base Camp  or doing the Everest Circuit and the Route of the three passes.

We also have some off the radar activities such as stunning mountain monastery temple visits, guided meditation in the Himalayas and Camping in the mountains.

Peace through


Birth place of Lord Buddha, Nepal's ancient knowledge of inner peace has been extended for centuries by Buddhist monks. Our services include the arrangement of Meditation retreats for you and your group.


spirit of the himalayas and tibetan culture

Mustang is one of the closest regions of Nepal to Tibet and as such their culture is heavily influenced on Tibetan Buddhism. 

The dirt trails up and down the valley's edge lead to far flung settlements where one can enjoy superb views of snow capped mountains,verdant valleys and lush green terraced hillsides. The higher you climb the better the view and the clean mountain air rejuvenates your tired body. Once out of the valley, there are endless rows of hills, waterfalls and spectacuular views of mountains that loom large in the background.