Nepal fuses with Newari tradition and culture

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Tradition and history

Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal. It's valley was previously formed by the three kingdoms of Patan, Baktapur and Kathmandu.  The mystic trails of Nepal normally begin here , mixed within it's urban population rapidly developing into a modern and more western society.  While Kathmandu struggles to keep up with it's rapid economic development, its streets are full of iconic scenarios that will submerge you into the heart of the Newari traditional architecture.

Kathmandu is home to three different UNESCO world heritage sites, known as Durbar Squares. Each one of these Durbar Squares owes i'ts name to the ancient kingdom of this mixed culture that ruled them centuries ago.

A small hilltop at the end of the valley full of vegetation and incredible mountain views where one can enjoy it's quietness and relax.

The Neighbour city of Bhaktapur is also home to one of these three Durbar Squares, but it also holds historic importance due to the monuments it conserves. While heavily damaged during the 2015 earthquake, Bhaktapur has managed to thrive in this rapid economic period and it resembles the most to what Nepali cities used to look like a long time ago.

The Buddist temple of Swayambu is home to many monkeys and travellers, and it's one of the most important stops in Kathmandu. A must see visit, and a very nice place to spend the morning in.

Pashupatinath is the most sacred hindu temple in the planet. People from all over India and Nepal gather to see the craddle of Hinduism in this spectacular site that will not leave you undifferent.

With it's ceremonial burials and ritual still going on till the present day, Pashupatinath is one of those places you cannot forget to see while being in Nepal.

  • Boudhanath

    Boudannah is the highest and biggest Buddhist stupa in the world. While destroyed during the 2015 earthquake, it was quickly refurbished and rebuilt to withhold it's former glory.
  • Pashupatinath temple

    This temple holds the tradition and sacredness of Hinduism. While only Hindus are allowed into the sacred temple, tourists can still wander around its enclave in the Bagmati river.
  • Shiva Ratri

    Shiva Ratri is , amongst many things, the night of lord Shiva. Millions of people come to this sacred place in this holy day to pray for Lord Shivah.
  • Swayambu

    The monkey temple is home to one of the biggest Buddist communities in Nepal.
  • Night Views

    While not being the wildest, Nepal's capital still has some very interesting and beautiful night views and site seeing at night.

Rapid urban development

in the heart of Nepal

It is very astonishing to observe the city of Kathmandu over a rooftop or the majestic temple of swayambu. While it is only home to 1.5 million people. The city growth as well as it's rapid development is very interesting to see from the distance.

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The Travel


One of the oldest cities in the world. We recommend to spend a couple of days as a first contact with Nepali cultures and traditions. This is normally your first step on an epic journey through Nepal. As the busiest city in Nepal, it still needs to cope with Pollution and dust control mechanisms, so watch out for clean breathing masks when travelling on it's dusty roads.